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Career Coaching

At TAS, we offer one-on-one affordable career coaching for adult actors and parents of child actors who want to feel more in control of their acting career. Career coaching at TAS is a hands-on and customized approach for each person. We assist you in setting goals and creating a plan of action. One-on-one career coaching ensures that you get personalized attention and get your questions answered.

Coaching Packages

For career coaching, we recommend a minimum one-hour initial consultation. Follow up consultations available in 1/2 hour increments.

  • Talent agencies and preparing to submit
  • Actors resume – Building & Creating
  • Headshots: What do I need?
  • Online Presence/The Big 3 Industry sites
  • Casting and other Resources
  • Monologue Discussion and/or Critique
  • Reels are thing of past–It’s all about Clips
  • Local Market & Networking
  • Learn what expenses are tax deductible, and how you can make the most of limited finances
  • Learn what it takes to get an agent, or to get on your agents radar
  • Marketing evaluation
  • Organizing audition and contact databases

Constructive Critique on your:

  • Resume
  • Headshots
  • Taped Auditions (Technical &/or Performance)
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Image & Typecast
  • Reel

Are you just stuck? You have more questions than answers and don’t know what to do next?  Bring your questions to a session and get answers. Get a fresh start. Walk away with a plan and a to-do list to put your career in gear.

Coaching Session Prices

Half Hour Session


One Hour Session


Dialect & Accent Reduction

Learn from an industry expert how to take control of your natural voice and command new accents.

Have Questions?

We’re always available to clear things up or even just to have a chat.